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Top 5 website design trends that will prevail in 2023


Website is considered an indispensable tool for businesses. Because of that, the website interface is increasingly being changed and improved. So what will be the website design trend in 2023?

Invest in Mobilefirst (mobile interface)

Website design trends in 2023 will have aspects of development based on the foundation inherited from recent years, that’s why mobile interface is a quite familiar design trend. In 2022, the number of users surfing the web and ordering on mobile devices will increase significantly.

Therefore, mobile first continues to lead in indispensable features for every website. And there has been an official announcement from Google, websites that display well on mobile, surfing speed and user experience will become a measure to evaluate search rankings.

Therefore, it is not surprising that mobile interface designs have become a trend, web designers and developers always prioritize compatibility between websites and mobile devices first.

Diverse and vivid color interface

With the color scheme following the multi-color trend, many businesses are applying it. This is one of the new ideas that makes the website more lively and can be applied to many different industries and fields.

The color tones that are predicted to be on the rise in 2023 are often colors that bring strangeness to users, thereby showing the uniqueness in variation compared to previous old colors.

Website with dynamic effects for background

Using dynamic background is one of the factors that can attract website visitors. You can easily apply this design trend in a creative and unique way to impress customers.

In addition, animated websites also bring businesses maximum benefits such as using the above video as a background. And you can be completely assured about using dynamic backgrounds like videos because it will absolutely not affect web surfing speed.

Compared to using conventional images like before, with videos, designers can freely create images that are more vivid and eye-catching to visitors, with just one click. You can watch videos conveniently. That’s why dynamic backgrounds are gradually becoming more popular.

Applying typography art

The art of typography is also known as the expression of works of art through words. This form is often used in website design to create highlights, thereby depicting images and emotions as well as as the brand message.

But with the current trend, typography must not only be designed in a simple and traditional style, but must also create highlights and contrast effects combining large, bold fonts and lines. serif (serif) and san-serif (non-serif) titles.

Integrated animations

Moving images, also known as animations, are one of the typical and popular design trends in 2021 – 2022. Effects for call buttons or hover effects for certain parts can be Making the difference. You can also easily see this effect on websites and mobile applications.